“Family First” Campaign Launched To Fight Brain Injuries

August 11, 2016

The National Lottery has begun funding a brand new campaign, designed to help families living with children suffering from acquired brain injuries. Championed in Northern Ireland to support 50 families and even more children, the scheme could benefit the rest of the UK in the future,  if and when it is rolled out further. Five

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Brain Injuries Cost UK £15 Billion Per Year

August 8, 2016

Research by the Centre for Mental Health recently revealed that traumatic brain injuries (TBI) will cost the UK up to £15 billion per year (not including other brain injury types). With that figure so high, is it worth placing more research into dealing with traumatic brain injury in the short term? TBI & the Justice

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500 Injured in UK theme Parks in 2015/16

August 3, 2016

Statistics have emerged indicating that the UK currently holds a particularly dismal record of safety at it’s theme and amusement parks. The new figures reveal that over 500 people per year suffer injuries from malfunctioning rides leading to us to ask, is it time for the government to look into the safety records and regulations

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“Life Saving” stickers to prevent children’s road accidents?

July 29, 2016

The Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) has recently launched a well received and inexpensive scheme to prevent road accidents involving children using stickers. The simplistic campaign allows people to purchase stickers for a nominal fee and stick them to bins. Cheap & efficient The campaign by the ARSF has encouraged many Australian parents to purchase

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Optometrist Found Guilty of Manslaughter

July 21, 2016

Optometrist, Miss Honey Rose, was found guilty this week following a lengthy trial over her handling of young boy Vincent Barker. Vincent suffered from a fatal swelling of the optic nerve back in 2012. The boy fell ill and died following the eye test leaving the family facing the anguish of losing a child.  

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“Injury claims should not affect care assessments by councils” says ombudsman

July 15, 2016

St Helens council has recently been wrapped by the legal ombudsman for refusing to fund care because a local man had already received a payout from a personal injury claim. Why is it important that councils still provide care even when a citizen has been paid out in a personal injury claim? Sincere Law investigates.

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M&D’s Pays Over £100,000 In Compensation Over 5 Years

July 4, 2016

M&D’s, otherwise known as Scotland’s Theme Park,  saw a particularly serious incident this past week, as seven children and two adults were injured on one of the rollercoasters. It has since arisen that the safety of the park may be called into question, as it has been revealed that the park has paid more than

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Can Apps Replace Face To Face Consulation?

July 1, 2016

The NHS has recently been developing a selection of new technology for use at home and in GP practices including wearable technology and static machines designed to identify illness without visiting a doctor personally. However is this money saving strategy the way forward or a step away from the personalised service we all want from

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New Legislation On Agricultural Health & Safety

June 28, 2016

In UK agriculture, one worker dies every week on average according to the HSE. Farm work can present a myriad of risks; minor, serious and fatal in a normal day. New legislation aims to curve that statistic as new tough penalties for breaches could encourage a safer environment.   A Dangerous Profession Last month we

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New Portable Ultrasound Scanners Could Save Lives

June 27, 2016

Undiagnosed bleeding from brain injuries can prove fatal. This is particularly noteworthy in warzones as bleeding internally in the head isn’t easily identifiable. Thanks to new developments in ultra sound technology however, there could be a path to early diagnosis. Conventional Scanning The problem with existing ultrasound scanners is that they produce a 2D model.

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