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Chris Walker - Head of Catastrophic Injury

Sincere Law Solicitor Chris Walker

Chris is the Head of Catastrophic and Serious Injury at Sincere Law. He is also a panel member of Headway.

It is Chris who oversees the most complex cases with the highest value. These would most commonly include brain injury, amputation and spinal cord injury claims.

During his time at Sincere Law, Chris has held the prestigious position of Chairman at the Liverpool branch of the now Royal Chartered Institute of Legal Representatives and was responsible for arranging the first ever Liverpool Legal Walk.

Some of Chris’ successful cases include:

T v C Motorcyclist requiring a craniotomy. Damages 5.3m. Injuries included- carotid artery dissection, hemiparesis, loss of language and a loss of mental capacity. Liability heavily disputed. Manchester High Court.

E v V Baby involved in a road traffic accident. 2.7m (1.45 lump sum and a periodical payment order of £30,000 for life) Suffered cerebral palsy, hemiparesis and is unlikely ever to obtain mental capacity. Liverpool High Court

Q v O Motorcyclist in a collision with a HGV. Damages agreed at 1.66m. Liability heavily disputed. Injuries including brain injury necessitating a craniotomy. This resulted in a loss of mental capacity. London High Court (Royal Courts of Justice)

A v T Motorcyclist involved in an accident with another vehicle. Damages agreed at 1.2m. Liability disputed. Injuries included brachial plexus injury, severe orthopaedic injuries and a moderate brain injury. London High Court (Royal Courts of Justice)

L v B settlement of 2.75m in the Royal Courts of Justice London. Case included brain injuries and loss of mental capacity.

M v B Settlement of 1.5m. Motorcyclist involved in an RTA resulting in a brain injury and loss of mental capacity. London High Court (Royal Courts of Justice)

H v D. 1.15m. Short bowel syndrome causing very rare complications. Queens Counsel described the case as “unique”. Nottingham High Court

T v NHS clin neg fatal case which was reported in the national news. This case directly lead to the Minister of Health changing the cleansing procedures of laryngoscopes in all hospitals in order to prevent further deaths.

Lucie Illingworth

Photo of Lucie Illingworth

Lucie supports Chris with the day to day running of the catastrophic and serious injury team.

Lucie has a wealth of experience in complex Employers Liability disputes and is a long standing member of the Sincere Law team, having joined the firm in 2002 as a legal assistant. She undertook her training contract with the firm and progressed to Partner in 2012.

Some of Lucie’s successful cases include:

  • J v H Motorcyclist involved in a collision with another vehicle. Damages of £510,000.000 were recovered for shoulder injuries, a severe ligament disruption of the knee and complex regional pain syndrome.
  • G v T Motorcyclist involved in a collision with another vehicle. Damages of £320,000 were recovered for a complex shoulder injury involving a massive rotator cuff tear and chronic pain.
  • R v MOD –  Officer involved in a military vehicle collision. Damages of £235,000.00 were recovered for serious spinal injuries resulting in the Claimant’s discharge from the Army.
  • T v M  – Roofer involved in a fall from height at work. Damages of £120,000.00 were recovered for serious wrist, head and jaw injuries.


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