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Why Sincere Law

Pride in professionalism

At Sincere Law we pride ourselves on our solicitors’ reputations within the profession. It allows us access to the best medical care up and down the country, the best physiotherapists to help with rehabilitation and the best psychologists who can help with those suffering psychologically from the outcome of an accident that was caused by somebody else’s negligence.

Our strength comes with the bonds we build with our clients. To them we are not just a solicitor. We are a friend, someone to lean on hard times, someone to look out for their loved ones while they are incapacitated.

We handle every part of the claim process to ensure that they are looked after and are given the best chance of making a recovery that they can possibly get and what’s more we work on a completely no win no fee basis.

Some people may describe compensation as a quick fix. Well we don’t believe that this is the case with any type of personal injury but even more so with one of a serious and catastrophic injury.

These injuries are not ones that you recover from over night, neither physically or psychologically. They can take months, years and sometimes the rest of a victim’s lifetime to adapt and cope with and we promise our clients to be there for as long as they need us to be.

Compensation will help to pay for the right levels of treatment that they will require, it pays for the rehabilitation, the amendments that may be needed for a victims home if they have suffered an injury, such as an amputation, where their lives are changed forever.

It also helps to cover the cost of the victim’s loss of earnings, whether it is a matter of months or years that they are forced out of employment. All of these are vital to ensure the recovery and the future of the victim.

At Sincere Law we promise our clients to be there, every step of the way, to ensure that they get what they need to get back to living their life the way, or as closed to the way they did before their accident. That is why we are the serious injury specialists.

Ethical Marketers

It is important to note that we never contact anyone through unsolicited means and we never cold call. We are a trading arm of Scott Rees and Co Solicitors and our organisation is a founder signatory of the recently launched Ethical Marketing Charter.

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