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When it comes to suffering an injury as a result of an accident, it doesn’t get more traumatising than amputation and the after-effects from such an injury can be devastating. Undoubtedly changing a victim’s life.

Adjusting to life after you have suffered this type of injury can be extremely difficult and the rehabilitation process can carry a lot of stress for both the victim and their loved ones as they come to terms and adapt to the changes an amputation causes.

An amputation injury can be caused by an accident using machinery at work or as a result of a bad road traffic accident. Some other common accidents that cause this sort of injury involve explosions and trapped limbs in doorways or other small spaces.

However the injury has occurred we appreciate that the result is devastating, even more so if it leads to the loss of main limbs such as arms and/or legs, and we want to help you with your recovery.

How will Sincere Law help with the treatment?

At Sincere Law we have access to some of the best medical experts in the country, who specialise in providing the care and attention an amputation requires.

After suffering an injury of this magnitude, the victim will need rehabilitation and in most cases they will need to learn how to use different limbs in different ways, in order to adapt to the changes brought on by their injury.

We promise to help with your rehabilitation and to manage any adaptations and special equipment you may need around your home, to give you the best chance of getting your life back on track.

Our amputations claim specialists will also understand the strain an injury of this nature can have mentally on a victim, their family and loved ones, which is why we offer support and access to the best counselling to ensure no one is left to deal with these changes alone.

Why should I make amputation claim?

When an injury of this nature occurs, we appreciate that the last thing that anyone wants to think about is making a compensation claim but it really can help with your recovery.

Amputation compensation can help pay for the rehabilitation treatments, care and specialist equipment the victim will need to help them with their recovery.

If the accident that caused the victim to suffer an amputation was the fault of someone else’s negligence, whether it is an employer, another road user or a business owner who has not fulfilled their duty of care, then the victim should be compensated in order to fund their recovery by those at fault.

Why should I choose Sincere Law?

For us, the victim’s recovery and treatment is our priority and we are committed to helping as much as we can when it comes to supporting this.

When choosing Sincere Law you will be assigned an amputation injury lawyer who is committed to securing the best possible result for your amputation compensation claim and best of all they will handle the whole process, allowing you or your loved ones to focus on making a recovery.

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