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Burn injury

The after effects of a burn injury can be truly devastating and in the most serious of cases can carry the prospect of physical and mental scarring for the rest of a victim’s life.

A severe burn injury can be caused in a number of different environments, the most common being in the workplace or as a result of a road traffic accident.

Types of burn injury

There are three main grades of burn injury. They are:

  • First degree burn (caused by overexposure to heat or hot surfaces, scalding by water or brief contact with harsh chemicals) – These are the most common type of burn injury and are the least severe. Usually this affects the top layer of the skin and the common symptoms are pain and redness of the skin and mild swelling, although they have been known to be followed by restlessness, headache and fever.
  • Second degree burn (caused by exposure to flames, contact with hot liquids and contact with harmful chemicals) – This is a burn which effects a deeper layer of the skin which causes higher risk of infection. These burns can cause the skin to turn bright red and blotchy and blisters usually follow. Other effects when suffering this type of burn injury can be shock. These injuries should be treated by a medical professional in all cases.
  • Third degree burn (caused by clothing on fire, immersion in hot water, direct contact with flames, hot objects or electricity and corrosive chemicals) – These are extremely severe injuries that will often require a skin graft as a result. This type of burn can cause white colourisation and cause the skin to turn leathery. Again shock is a highly common reaction, as is disfigurement, decreased level of consciousness, shallow breathing, nausea and vomiting.

How can Sincere Law help with treatment for severe burn injury?

Third degree burns can leave permanent scarring both physically and mentally.

At Sincere Law we work with some of the best medical experts in the country who specialise in burn injuries, ensuring that you receive the right treatment at the very best standard.

We can also arrange for expert care and rehabilitation for the victim, whilst providing psychological support to help them come to terms with any after-effects of the injury and/or any permanent disfigurement.

Why should I claim for burn injury compensation?

We appreciate that when you suffer any injury that compensation is probably the last thing on your or your loved ones mind and we respect that recovery is the priority.

No one deserves to suffer an injury of this nature but if it does happen, then treatment, rehabilitation and adjustments to the victim’s home can often be required, which comes at a cost.

That is why if the injury you, or your loved one, has suffered was caused by the negligence of someone else, whether it be another road user, property owner or even your boss at work, it is only fair, and right, that they provide compensation.

Claiming for burn injury compensation will not reverse the damage caused by your injury but it can help to fund the rehabilitation and care that the victim needs to help them recover and move on with their life.


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