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Loss of sight

Loss of sight

Losing your sight can cause several forms of distress. From the physical strain of not being able to go about your daily routine, to the psychological damage of not being able to witness big events that happen in your life.

Eye injuries can occur as a result of any type of accident, whether you have been injured on the road, in a public place or you have suffered as a result of an accident at work.

The aftermath can be devastating and long-lasting. In some cases the damage is temporary and with the correct course of treatment full vision can be regained. But if the damage to your eye is severe then the effects can be irreversible and your whole life will suddenly change.

At Sincere Law our priority is to help the victim, their family and loved ones with their recovery. We work alongside some of the best medical experts in the country, meaning that we can help you get specialist care for you injury.

Obviously we hope that they will be able to restore your sight fully but if in the worst case scenario your vision is permanently impaired then we will be on hand to help.

We will arrange for any adaptations that are required for the victim’s home to be fitted in time for their return home and we will also arrange any other necessities needed to aid their support.

Our eye injury specialists also understand that this sort of injury can cause distress mentally and if necessary we will arrange for counselling to help the victims and their loved ones come to terms with the changes in their lives.

At Sincere Law our priority is the victim’s recovery and we want to ensure you can get as close as possible to the life you led before your accident.

Why should I make a claim for eye injury compensation?

When you suffer a loss of sight or blindness, whether temporary or permanent, a course of rehabilitation and care is usually required. not to mention adaptations to your home.

Unfortunately these all come at a cost and if your injury was cause by someone else’s negligence, then it is only right that they provide compensation to help you recover.

Eye injury compensation can help to pay for all the care you need, as well as compensate any loss of earnings you suffer from being unable to work.

Why should I choose Sincere Law?

We prioritise care for the victim and strive to ensure you receive the very best treatment, whilst handling the whole claim process for you. So all the victim and their loved ones need to do if focus on is their recovery.

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