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Spinal Injury


sincere law spinal injury

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most traumatic types of injury you can suffer and can have devastating effects on a victim’s future lifestyle. There are different types of injuries that can be caused on the spine depending on the nature of the incident including:

At Sincere Law we understand this and will strive to help you with the most important thing, which is your care and recuperation.

We have vast experience when it comes to dealing with Spinal Injury claims and will offer you all the support you need to help make the recovery process a little easier for the victim and those around them.

What is spinal cord injury?

In most cases spinal cord injury can result in some form of paralysis, whether it is complete quadriplegia/tetraplegia or partial. Some injuries of this nature can be temporary but the more severe injuries will have a permanent effect on an accident victim’s life, as well as those around them.

A spinal cord injury can vary in severity depending on what part of the vertebrae has been impacted. For example if the injury occurs at the sixth level of the cervical vertebrae, it is referred to as a C6 spinal injury, if it occurs between the C6 and C7 then it is known as a C6-7 injury.

What are the symptoms of spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries are defined by complete and incomplete injury. A complete injury often results in total loss of movement and sensation below the point of injury, whilst incomplete injury means that there is still some function retained below the point of injury.

How will Sincere Law help with the treatment?

We have access to some of the best medical practitioners and spinal injury specialists in the country, who will ensure that you receive the very best treatment however severe your injury may be.

Our specialist spinal injury solicitors also recognise the support that the victim’s family and loved ones will need when it comes to preparing the return home and dealing with lifestyle changes and also assisting with making the necessary alterations to ensure they can continue to remain mobile and comfortable.

We appreciate that whilst you or your loved one are recovering from any serious injury, the last thing on your mind is making a claim, and we respect that. But making a spinal injury claim can help towards assisting your recovery and give you and your family the support you need in the future.

Why should I make a claim?

If you have been a victim of a spinal injury that wasn’t your fault you shouldn’t be left out of pocket. As having a serious injury can impact your working life meaning loss of earning or even loss of job, which can be devastating and can cause psychological and financial strain on you or your family.

Why Sincere Law?

Sincere Law are specialists in serious and severe injury cases and have a wealth of experience with personal injury claims with a high success rate. We will do our absolute best to provide you with the apology or justice you are entitled to.

What are my next steps?

If you want to pursue a claim and want to know more details about how to make one and the implications then feel free to call us. If you do this you are under no obligation and we will do the best we can to make sure you have all the information in order to come to a decision. Our solicitors also work on a no win no fee basis providing all information given by our client is honest and correct.

How to claim

You can either claim by calling us on 0800 092 2896 or request a call back by visiting our website . We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible and give you all the advice you need about what a claim entails.

Dislocated Vertebrae

This type of injury is caused by extreme tension or axial loading onto the spine and neck. It is often caused by high tension impacts that pull/push on the spine suddenly such as road traffic and motorcycle accidents. These injuries can cause the need for changes in lifestyle and behaviour with possible loss of earnings from time off work, loss of job as well as limitation in physical activities.

For more information visit our Dislocated Vertebrae page.

Hyperextension & Hyperflexion

Both Hyperextension & Hyperflexion can be caused when the neck and upper spine is flexed in or outwards suddenly. Effects can be drawn out and prolonged, causing severe discomfort limiting mobility and physical activities long after the initial incident; potentially affecting the ability to perform a job or enjoy physical activities with friends and loved ones.

For more information visit our Hypertension & Hyperflexion page.


Infections in the spine can be extremely problematic for any sufferers with risks of spread or other damaging effects increasing as time passes. Infections in the spine usually happen when exposed such as when receiving medical treatment involving surgery close to the spine or being misdiagnosed and allowing the infection to grow. Effects can be catastrophic including numbness, spasms, long term pain, loss of limb usage and in extreme circumstances could prove fatal.

For more information visit our Spinal Infections page.

Spinal Compression

Compression of the spine can occur from sudden impacts that generate an extreme force on the spine, compressing it beyond comfortable movement. Common in car and motorcycle accidents, effects can range from severe pain in extremities including arms, legs and hands, to developing Cauda Equina syndrome, causing nerve swelling and long term issues with mobility during any physical activity from walking to exercise.

For more information visit our Spinal Compression page.

Spinal Penetration

Spinal Penetration is any object piercing the spinal column and can be caused by a range of reasons from clinical injections, to assaults, to car and motorcycle accidents involving debris or the vehicles themselves. Effects of spinal penetration are very serious and can include not only numbness of limbs and extremities but also partial and total paralysis, potentially affecting a person’s entire life, requiring alterations to mobility, housing and even simple daily tasks.
For more information visit our Spinal Penetration page.

Spinal Rotation

Rotation of the spine can be caused similarly to compression, involving a force twisting the spine out of a comfortable position on sudden impact such as road traffic accidents. Results of rotation can include tearing of ligaments under the stress resulting in long term movement issues and potentially extensive physiotherapy and numbness of limbs. This could affect social, home and work life for anyone involved.

For more information visit our Spinal Rotation page.

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