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Spinal Penetration

What is spinal penetration?

Spinal penetration occurs when an object is pushed into the spine breaking the skin and digging into bone. The object doesn’t need to be as sharp as a hypodermic needle to be able to penetrate but would require an excessive force to embed deeply into the bone.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of spinal penetration can vary depending on the way the spine was penetrated, where it was penetrated and whether the spine was exposed as a result of what caused the penetration. The spine could be open to infection spread if the penetration leaves a wound or was the result of an infected object gaining access into the bone. There is a risk of extended pain and numbing sensations at the extremities of the body if any nerves as well as the vertebrae were damaged including neck, arms, legs, hands and feet. A loss of movement in some body parts due to broken nerves could also occur. In the most severe circumstances paraplegia and quadriplegia could result from the penetration of the spine.

What are the causes?

Spinal penetration can occur from a result of:

  • The result of a road traffic accident in which debris has forced itself into the spinal chord
  • In a medical setting if an injection either punctures the spine when it wasn’t supposed to or from a spinal injection using unsanitized equipment that risks infection
  • Penetration can also come from assault cases in which sharp objects are forced into a victims spinal column

These are just a few of the causes of penetration. An injury such as this can cause prolonged medical treatment and acute pain. That’s why at Sincere Law we aim to help get your life back on track and strive for justice for your injury.

How long does it take to recover?

Time taken to recover from spinal penetration can differ depending on circumstances. Months off work may be required to recover and undergo any physiotherapy, limiting a person’s ability to work which could stretch into the future. It is possible that the damage may impair some of the spinal column and reduce movement in the back, affecting a person’s entire life. This sort of complication could cause the need to make alterations to the home and lifestyle of an affected person. Dependant on the type of incident that caused the injury, there may be mental scarring that would require ongoing counselling to help with the healing process. We will strive to cover all aftercare service costs in your claim, both physical and psychological.

How can we help your rehabilitation?

At Sincere Law we aim to help our clients in anyway possible in order for them to get the help they need to recover from their injuries. We will refer you or your loved one to the best medical assistance to help your rehabilitation and recovery. It may take months and years of target physiotherapy to get full movement ranges back following any numbing or problems with body movement. In cases involving paraplegia and quadriplegia we can help provide any counselling needed to help those effected move on with their life and work with their conditions. In severe injury cases we know that spinal injuries can have life changing long term effects so we pride ourselves on not just getting justice and compensation for your injury but also peace of mind and support for any future care you require. Sincere Law have over 20 years of experience in serious injury and have a proven track record of helping our clients get the best possible outcome for there needs.

How do I make a claim?

You can make a claim either by ringing us on 0800 092 2896 for a no obligation conversation about your claim. Or you can request a call back from our website at We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible and providing that all the information you provide is honest and correct we can direct you to the appropriate specialist solicitor. If you take your claim on with Sincere Law, you need not worry about the financial risks of losing out should you be unsuccessful as our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis.


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