New Rules for Head Injury Set to be Introduced to Football

The Premier League has finally introduced new rules to enforce the protection of footballers who have suffered a head injury during a game.

Whereas before the decision on whether the affected player could continue to participate was down to the team’s management, from this season moving forward the decision will rely solely on the judgement of a doctor.

Over the past decade the frequencies of head injury throughout football has increased and last year there was wide scale controversy over the health and safety of the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who was allowed to continue to play despite suffering a suspected concussion during the match.

A spokesman for serious injury specialist solicitors, Sincere Law, welcomed the move, saying: “These regulations are long overdue, not just in football but for all sports and it is great to see the Premier League are finally taking head injury seriously.”

“On many occasions in recent seasons we have seen instances where an affected player has clearly been left disorientated and it has simply not been acceptable to take the attitude that it is only a knock or it is part of the game.”

The introduction of the new rules has also been welcomed by the brain charity, Headway, who said: “It is an important step forward in the protection of footballers at all levels, especially grass roots. It’s vitally important we lose this culture where it’s brave and courageous to play on. Concussion is an evolving injury with symptoms that may take time to manifest, and if you don’t get properly assessed, it may be too late.”

The new measures that will now be taken where a suspected concussion has occurred include:

  • Player suffering a heavy injury must leave the pitch
  • Team managers will no longer decide if a player can continue to play
  • The club doctor is now responsible for the final decision
  • There must be a third doctor in the tunnel, to be provided by the home team, who will serve as an observer to spot any potential concussions that may occur during the game and will use TV replays to assess the severity.
  • There will be an awareness campaign to ensure all players and managers understand the dangers of head injuries.
  • Players in the Premier League will be subject to baseline neurological assessments each year so that doctors can measure recovery time if they suffer concussion.

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