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Optometrist Found Guilty of Manslaughter

Optometrist, Miss Honey Rose, was found guilty this week following a lengthy trial over her handling of young boy Vincent Barker. Vincent suffered from a fatal swelling of the optic nerve back in 2012. The boy fell ill and died following the eye test leaving the family facing the anguish of losing a child.



In 2012, Vincent Barker attended an eye exam at his local Boots performed by then optometrist Miss Rose. During the exam she should feasibly have spotted a problem with Vincent’s eye as he had a build up of fluid due to swelling of the optic nerve; a problem known as Papilledemma. This swelling went undetected during the exam and eventually cost Vincent his life around 5 months later.

Miss Rose was charged with manslaughter through gross negligence in September 2015, with the trial beginning in January of this year. Miss Rose denied the allegations after pleading that she did not believe it to be beyond reasonable doubt that she could have missed the problem during the check-up. The allegations were eventually upheld however, and she was charged due to the build-up of fluid being deemed “obvious” and is due to be sentenced in August.

The family, while pleased that the outcome brings them justice for their son, are still carrying the pain of loss with them. They issued astatement following the ruling, saying:

“The outcome of this case does not change our life sentence; we will never be able to fully accept that our special little boy is never coming home.”

“The void left in our lives will never heal and the ripple effect to those around us is immense. As parents the distress of witnessing your child’s life from start to end in just eight short years is excruciatingly hard and nonsensical.”

“The decision of a jury or judge cannot bring Vinnie back or undo the devastation of his death. A guilty verdict would never make us winners, our loss is simply too great.”
The gross negligence manslaughter case over optometrist has finished

Lasting Impacts

The impact of a fatal injury is usually worth much more to a family than a guilty verdict or a lump sum of cash from a serious injury claim. Incidents of serious injury often require a qualified team to help those left behind deal with the emotional stress attached to losing a family member. To lose somebody so young adds further pressure to the situation.

In fatality cases, the solicitor’s job is to provide those left behind with adequate care and assistance should they need it, including counselling. This is the job of a team employed by the solicitor and is part of the settlement when a fatality claim is made. The settlement itself will never replace the family member they have lost, but the assistance of their support team is priceless in such a sensitive situation.

With over 25 years of experience dealing with victims of serious injuries of this nature, Sincere Law has developed strong working relationships with a host of trained medical professionals. From counsellors, to medical experts and therapists, the need for sensitive, professional advise is vital to help victims and their loved ones move forward with their lives Sincere Law prides itself of its ability to ensure that each of their clients receive the very best standard of care.

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