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Ryman league team & Northern Rail team up to educate about trespassing

A North London based Ryman league football side, Cheshunt FC, have teamed up with Network Rail to teach young people about the danger of trespassing on railway lines.


Nationwide programme

Alongside Cheshunt and Network Rail, a Manchester based company (PDF Sports LTD) have joined to help roll the scheme out to 10 schools in close proximity to the lines that run in the Cheshunt area. They have also made the programme accessible to Year 5 students across the country by incorporating the message into a sporting environment. The programme consists of using games and activities outside to help remember the risks associated with the railway.

Spokesman for the campaign on behalf of Cheshunt FC, Chairman Dean Williamson said “The railway is an extremely dangerous environment and it simply isn’t worth risking your life trying to save a few seconds misusing a level crossing”. Joining Mr Williamson was Tackling Track Safety Project Director, Philip Fitton, who added “The TTSP is a fantastic project and so far this year over 50,000 young people nationally have been educated about the dangers of the Railway in a fun and engaging environment”.

Originally set up in November 2015 by footballing legend Paul Scholes, Tackling Track Safety aims to educate “at least 100,000 people about rail safety” by the end of 2016.

(Paul Scholes set up Tackling Track Safety in 2015)

Responsible parenting

With the summer on its way and many children able to enjoy the holidays, we move into a period where knowing the whereabouts of your children becomes vitally important. Helping educate children into appreciating how serious an injury caused on the railway can be is a step in the right direction towards reducing accident and fatality statistics.

Sincere Law Catastrophic Injury Partner, Chris Walker, supports the project, stating “safety around the railway is a big issue for young people. In the summer we often receive calls from individuals who have experienced incidents around trains and unfortunately for those whose child has trespassed onto the railway it makes it very difficult to assist. We help clients each year who have been injured on trains by negligent actions but one thing we must completely eradicate is the threat to children’s lives posed by missing education on how fatal a decision to trespass can be. We fully support the campaign and hope that the Tackling Track Safety scheme can achieve their objective of educating 100,000 people by the end of this year.”


What can you do?

As a parent you can assist greatly by ensuring your child knows that trespassing onto the railway can be life threatening. This is most important to those living near railway lines, as easy access can often tempt children to become curious. While Sincere Law can do a lot for those that suffer serious injury as a direct result of negligent actions by railway staff or poor safety standards, being injured by a train as a result of unlawfully trespassing removes a person’s chance of making an injury claim.

New education for children on rail safety launched