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Accident at work

Accident at work

The client was at work in a factory, tasked with cleaning plastic bails from their line manager (the defendant). While taking off hanging and loose material from the bails, the defendant lifted two of the bails using a forklift, not securing them in place and dropping a bail onto the client.

After a medical examination it was found the client had suffered a Hyperflexion injury of the neck and back, causing 2 wedge compression fractures in their vertebrae. The client also suffered psychologically from the accident, being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The damage caused lasting damage to the client who had difficulties performing regular daily tasks like climbing stairs and carrying shopping bags; their sleeping habits were also affected. The client was left with persistent upper back pain, unlikely to be able to return to their previous employment or any similar job role. This is due to the inability to cope with the demanding nature of lifting heavy objects.

We advised the client on the best course of action and secured a settlement of £85,000 before court proceedings began.