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Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Client was using a ladder to cut pipe when he lost his balance and fell down, sustaining a head injury which caused him to lose consciousness.

The client has no recollection of what caused the accident because of this and the next thing they remembered was waking up in the ambulance that was taking them to hospital.

As a result of the head injury they sustained they suffered a loss of hearing in the right ear, a loss of smell and had problems maintaining their balance, with constant bouts of dizziness. They were forced to spend five days in the hospital.

When it came to reviewing the cause of the accident it was revealed that there was no fault with the ladder itself as it was a brand new and made out of aluminium, but the client was working without a safety belt, for which the client claimed that no training was given.

After being examined by a medical professional it became apparent that the loss of hearing, smell and taste suffered by the client would be permanent and that the client had suffered an undisplaced occipital fracture, haemorrhagic contusions in the frontal lobe and fractures of both orbital rims.

The client’s injuries made returning to work extremely difficult due to their problems with imbalance and also restricted the recreational activities they were able to do including playing sport and cooking.

Sincere Law manage to successfully secure a settlement of £25,000 plus damages for the client.