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Case Studies

Not sure if we can help you with your claim? Read our serious injury case studies  for examples of claims we have helped people with.

Brain Injury - £25,000

Client was using a ladder to cut pipe when he lost his balance and fell down, sustaining a head injury which caused him to lose consciousness.

The client has no recollection of what caused the accident because of this and the next thing they remembered was waking up in the ambulance that was taking them to hospital.

As a result of the head injury they sustained they suffered a loss of hearing in the right ear, a loss of smell and had problems maintaining their balance, with constant bouts of dizziness. They were forced to spend five days in the hospital.

When it came to reviewing the cause of the accident it was revealed that there was no fault with the ladder itself as it was a brand new and made out of aluminium, but the client was working without a safety belt, for which the client claimed that no training was given.

After being examined by a medical professional it became apparent that the loss of hearing, smell and taste suffered by the client would be permanent and that the client had suffered an undisplaced occipital fracture, haemorrhagic contusions in the frontal lobe and fractures of both orbital rims.

The client’s injuries made returning to work extremely difficult due to their problems with imbalance and also restricted the recreational activities they were able to do including playing sport and cooking.

Sincere Law manage to successfully secure a settlement of £25,000 plus damages for the client.

Road Traffic Accident - £50,000

The client was in the back passenger seat of a car that was involved in a head on collision, returning home from a fishing trip. They sustained fractures to their left hand and ankle, alongside a head injury with lacerations.

After undergoing a medical examination they required surgery involving screws to fix the ankle fracture and a cast placed over the fractured hand. The fractures took 12 months to heal but the head injury caused complications with memory loss. The accident also left them with an increased risk of epilepsy for a number of years.

The client was off work for 6 months, with a return to work requiring a slow, gradual process over a further 6 months. Our team advised the client on the right course of action and we were able to agree a £50,000 settlement fee before any court proceedings began.

Accident at work - £85,000

The client was at work in a factory, tasked with cleaning plastic bails from their line manager (the defendant). While taking off hanging and loose material from the bails, the defendant lifted two of the bails using a forklift, not securing them in place and dropping a bail onto the client.

After a medical examination it was found the client had suffered a Hyperflexion injury of the neck and back, causing 2 wedge compression fractures in their vertebrae. The client also suffered psychologically from the accident, being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The damage caused lasting damage to the client who had difficulties performing regular daily tasks like climbing stairs and carrying shopping bags; their sleeping habits were also affected. The client was left with persistent upper back pain, unlikely to be able to return to their previous employment or any similar job role. This is due to the inability to cope with the demanding nature of lifting heavy objects.

We advised the client on the best course of action and secured a settlement of £85,000 before court proceedings began.

Slip and Trip - £21,500

The claimant was in a public house when he tripped over staging which was the same colour as the floor, so was hard to see. The claimant sustained a fracture to the neck of his femur, which resulted in the client having to have a full hip replacement.

We obtained the medical evidence for this case which showed that the claimant made a recovery from his hip replacement after six to seven months and that no revision surgery would be required.

After receiving an initial offer for £19,000 was received from the defendant, representing £16,000 for general damages and £3,000 for special damages but we were not satisfied that this covered the full extent of the claimant’s injury and rejected.

Following further negotiations a settlement was eventually reached at £21,500 pre-proceedings and the claimant was happy with the outcome.

PTSD Case Study - £40,330.11

This claimant was working on a construction site when he stepped into his 40 ton dumper truck to turn the ignition on and the engine caught fire. The truck was totally destroyed by the flames and the liability for this was admitted by the employer. The claimant managed to get out in time and was taken to hospital. The claimant was then treated for smoke inhalation.

Our client did return to work but suffered anxiety and panic attacks as a result of his ordeal. This meant that the claimant was referred to a Clinical Psychologist who diagnosed the claimant with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). To treat the condition the client under went Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

An interim payment was obtained as the claimant was unable to resume work as he carried on his CBT treatment to help recover from the effects of PTSD. Once this treatment was concluded the claimant was re examined by the Clinical Psychologist, who felt the claimant was ready to go back to work.

The claimant chose to settle his claim and received total damages of £40,330.11.

Accident at Work - £25,000

Client suffered a snapped Achilles tendon in work when they were asked to retrieve two heavy boxes containing a trailer (in flat pack form) for a customer that were being stored up a flight of stairs.

The client was told that, due to a previous long standing problem with their Achilles tendon, they would not be able to make a claim, despite the fact that the fall caused the snap to happen.

When the client came to us for advice we were able to obtain a second mecial report, which this time proved that 50% of the symptoms the client had suffered, were down to the fall alone and on this basis the claim was settled at £25,000.

Road traffic accident - £120,000

Client was riding their moped when they were hit by another vehicle back. As a result they suffered a significant injury to their right knee.

After medical examinations it was recognised that the condition of the client’s knee would deteriorate over time, which in turn would affectively end their career as a swimming and fitness instructor.

Our legal team were able to advise the client on the right course of action and we were able to agree an acceptable level of £120,000 just before court proceedings began.

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