Storms Hit UK Legal System as 3 Courts Remain Closed

With winds reaching 81mph and days of consistent, heavy rainfall; Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank rendered many areas of northern England devastated this Christmas period. Cumbria and Northumberland received the highest warnings during this time and suffered substantial damage to the local area.

Many local communities were affected, with homes being flooded, businesses affected and other local amenities getting hit hard; including Carlisle United’s football ground being washed out (requiring games to be played at neighbouring grounds for a period of time). Also on the list of damages is a selection of courts, forced to close while the after effects are being dealt with.


Access to Justice

The three courts affected during this period of horrific weather are Carlisle Magistrates Court, York Magistrates Court and Kendal Courthouse. Many ongoing cases are currently being hurriedly moved to nearby venues including Carlisle Combined Court, York Crown & County Courts and Harrogate Justice Centre.

While spreading the load between local alternatives is a proactive way to deal with the problems, it has caused a strain on local case management to keep the schedule moving smoothly. No word has come yet from the Ministry of Justice as to when we can expect normal service to be resumed, but with work well underway on the clean up, authorities are hoping it is sooner rather than later.


UK Flooding: Your Experiences

The floods have affected many of us and provided some striking scenes as towns lay devastated at the hands of nature. Here is a selection of tweets from some of those affected.