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Brain Injured Teen’s Mother Backs New Research

One of the major problems of fully understanding the damage caused to brain cells in a brain injury is properly analysis of problems following brain injury due to the limitation of existing scanners. This is something that Action Medical Research (a brain injury charity) wishes to address.

New drug could limit brain injury damage

Understanding Kira

Erika Cullen’s daughter Kira suffered a head injury in a car crash aged 2. The crash left her unable to use her left arm and has also left her unable to perform numerous daily tasks including eating and washing.

In an interview with the Argus, Erika is glad that she retained her personality and happiness in life despite the injuries, saying: “She’s got the same happy personality she had before her head injury. Thankfully, she has no real understanding of what has happened to her. Kira is able to talk, but her speech is limited. She can read at about the level of a six or seven-year-old.”

Kira retaining her personality and not understanding her injury is something that Erika has come to learn through time, Kira now being 16, but one struggle for parents when a child suffers brain injury is that they often can’t tell what is going to happen to their child’s cognitive powers, physical powers and personality. This is something Action Medical Research are currently working on.


Better Scans

Action Medical Research is looking into the development of better scanning technology which can better diagnose problems following brain injury. Currently working alongside the Imperial College in London, they are searching for a way to help doctors “predict” how a brain injury will affect a child by looking at individual sections of brain.

Kira’s mother said of the research “The brain is so complex. There definitely needs to be more research into how different parts of the brain are used, and whether memory can be improved to help children in their everyday life.”

“I would love to know more about what Kira is able to understand and whether she thinks ahead.”

Other research in association with universities in Exeter and East Anglia are looking into the use of computer assisted learning programmes to try and boost memory, academic performance and social skills following a brain injury.

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More Info

If you’d like to know more about brain injuries, you can take a look at our brain injury pages here. Sincere Law are specialist serious injury solicitors and have worked for years alongside charities and specialists to ensure all of our previous clients’ needs are met.

Brain injuries take huge tolls on the sufferer and their family, often affecting everyday life and working commitments for all involved. We are often required to appoint a team of experts to calculate what care is needed and how much it will cost post injury.

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